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What Are the Advantages of an In-Home Use Test (iHUT)?

ihut testing

In-home product testing (or in-home usage testing (iHUT) as it is frequently called) has contributed to the launch of many successful products. Although the preference for contactless research methodologies continues to increase, brands still need human input for objective feedback about their products.

iHUT is a safe and personal research method that allows consumers to engage with your product in the privacy of their homes. Consumers can then provide objective and accurate feedback. The research can be conducted for extended periods of time, depending on the nature of your product and the feedback you require.

There are many different types of consumer testing. So, why should iHUT be a priority for your brand?

Below we consider the benefits of home use testing and where to find a reputable research company.

What Are the Benefits of In-Home Use Testing?

1.       Prototype Testing

Consumers shop with their eyes. If your product packaging fails to stand out from your competitors, it probably won’t make its way into a consumer’s grocery basket.

Home usage testing gives brands an opportunity to get their product packaging right the first time. You can send your target market prototypes of your product, gauge their feedback, and then make improvements before launching your new product.

Home use testing can answer critical questions that you may overlook. For example:

  • Were the product instructions easy to follow?
  • Does the product work and perform as advertised?
  • Does the product pass the consumer’s “smell test” standard?

Pre-testing your product will also help you reduce the chances of low market acceptance and unnecessary re-marketing costs.

2.       Real-Time Feedback

In-the-moment feedback is an essential part of effective market research. The longer it takes to record a participant’s feedback, the greater the chances of lapsed judgment. As time passes, participants can forget how the product made them feel or even which aspects they most enjoyed. Missing little details can lead to inaccurate feedback, which could influence your product’s market performance.

iHUT allows researchers to capture real-time feedback through paper diaries, surveys, apps, or online or in-person interviews. Participants can then record their opinions and experiences during or immediately after using your product instead of recalling their views at a later stage. The immediate feedback allows for objective market feedback.

3.       Safe & Compliant Testing

The UK has strict product safety regulations. Failure to comply with these standards could lead to hefty fines or having your product removed from store shelves permanently.

Before your product is sent for in-home usage testing, product researchers will test your product and ensure that it is safe and compliant for the UK or international market. In-home product testing will take compliance one step further, as participants can test the safety of your product too.

Once consumers have confirmed what product researchers have designed, your product can make its way into stores.  

Why Choose Wirral Sensory Services for Your In-Home Use Testing Needs?

It’s no secret that research is a crucial part of the product development process. However, brands cannot afford to waste time and money on ineffective research methodologies. An experienced product research company, such as Wirral Sensory Services, will help your brand take full advantage of the benefits of consumer testing.

WSS has been conducting sensory and consumer research since 1997. Our research has assisted food, beverage, and household product brands develop industry-leading products that surpass consumer expectations.

If your brand requires an experienced and accredited research partner, we can help. Get in touch with us today, and one of our friendly team members will walk you through the in-home product testing process.