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Cat Food – Cell 1

Cat Food - Cell 1

Payment: £15 E-Voucher

Pick Up Date & Location:

Wirral: Thursday 25th November (between 10am – 3pm) – The Institute, St Barnabas Church, Bromborough, Wirral.

Watford: Friday 26th November (between 11am – 1pm) – Beechen Grove Baptist Church, Clarendon Road, Watford.

Thank you for agreeing to take part in this Cat Food project. You will be required to test 2 products over a 14-day period.

During the 1st 5 days will you will be required to use at least 2 pouches of one of the products followed by a 2-day break and finally at least 2 pouches of the your final product.

The questionnaire links will be available on this web page ( and are due on the dates below, please ensure you complete them on time.

Please ensure you test the products in the order shown on your instruction sheet!

Both products will be provided to you, and the amount you will receive will depend on your cats eating habits.

Please use these pouches as you normally would, including a single pouch as part of your routine, without changing anything to your cat feeding habits (unless your cat’s reaction dictates you to do so). This means:

  • You do not need to serve the full pouch at once if you are used to portioning them.
  • If you are used to processing the food in a certain way before serving it to your cat, feel free to continue doing so.
  • If you are used to having other types of food available for your cat in addition to wet food (dry food, leftovers…), feel free to continue doing so.

At the end of the 5-day testing period of each product, you will receive a questionnaire to give your opinion about the product (its appearance, smell, texture) but also your opinion about how much you think your cat enjoyed the product, so please make sure to be somewhat attentive to your cat reactions during the product use. Your opinions are important so we can get a fair evaluation of these products. 

At the end of the 2nd questionnaire, you will also be asked to compare both products & pick your favourite one.

If you have any questions about the research please email:

Thursday 2nd December
1st Questionnaire
Thursday 2nd December
Thursday 9th December
2nd Questionnaire
Thursday 9th December
Friday 17th December
Payment Date
Friday 17th December