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Cat Food Research Video

You recently took part in the cat food research and we are looking for people to provide a mobile video of their experience taking part in the research. 

The mobile video should include:

Selfie Videos Guide – Ranking test

Goal:  Please make a video of yourself, 5 minutes or shorter, answering the questions below about the cat food study you’ve just completed.

Instructions:  Think back about the study, and answer the following questions.

Start the video:

  • How was it to follow the instructions provided in the study? Were there any challenges related to having your cat participate? If yes, what kind of challenges did you have?
  • How did the length of the study fit with your daily routine?
  • What did you think of the final products comparison? Was it easy to recall the products?
  • What prompted you to complete the necessary activities in the study (feeding, questionnaires)?
  • Should there be additional reminders and if yes, what kind of reminders?
  • What was most difficult when filling in the questionnaires/surveys?
  • What was your favorite part of this study?
  • What would be the key thing to change in order to make this study easier to complete?
  • Were there any questions in the survey that you felt did not make sense? Which ones? Were there any questions that you thought were missing? What would those be?
  • Please add any other comments that you may have about the study!

Finish the video.

Thank you for participating in this research!


You will be paid a £10 voucher payment for providing your video.

You can send the videos to:

(if the video is too large you can use: