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Children’s Research

Posted on 19th July 2019 in Blog

Children’s Testing in Relation to Food

We are living in a competitive and fast-paced world where food manufactures are striving hard to stand out amongst the crowd. Companies that aim at enhancing their products quality are likely to gain more customers’ and improve satisfaction. The products may range from food, toiletries, beverages, apparels, household products etc.

People are very much concerned when it comes to food. They tend to choose food products that are not only good in taste but are also healthy and nutritious. Being a business owner, you need to implement various strategies to improve the quality of your products. Moreover, it is important to analyse your competitors’ products as well. This is an effective method to know whether there is a room for improvement.

Doing in-depth research is important. The research can be conducted with adults or children. However, the methodologies vary with the age group.

Research with children is usually home-based. Families, playgroups and schools play an important role in helping you test your products with children. Simple steps are followed when it comes to children’s testing in relation to food. Let it be a biscuit, sweets or a new breakfast cereal, a child would be completely honest in telling you about your products’ quality. It is easiest to test food on children that are old enough to provide a review about the food they are eating.


The Methodology

Testing food and drink products on children is usually carried out at home with the help of a parent or guardian. Instead of using an 11-point hedonic scale, the use of graphical illustrations are used which makes the questionnaire more child-friendly. A smiley face for example basically means they like the product. If testing on older children, generally, a normally hedonic scale can be used.

The parent or guardian can guide the child through the questionnaire whilst also giving them the product(s) in their normal routine.


The Results

Once the child completes the questionnaires, the data is then collated and analysed. This allows the researcher to explore if there are any significant differences between the products tested and to find out which product is preferred overall.


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