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Five Benefits Of Consumer Testing

consumer testing

Consumer testing is a vital development phase for any successful product. By getting feedback and testing your products in the hands of your desired consumers, you can gain crucial insights into the current flaws and strengths of your products as well as understand how they stack up against your competitors. 

Given its importance, we have compiled five of the biggest benefits of consumer testing and how they can help you to develop industry-leading products.

#1: Gauge the Public’s Understanding of Your Packaging

The packaging of your product is one of the primary methods for making it stand out from competitors on retail shelves, making packaging research a vital component of consumer testing. 

By using methodologies such as focus group studies, you can gain an insight into how your packaging is viewed by your target consumers. It could be that your colour scheme performs remarkably well within one demographic and poorly in another. Or you may discover that your on-package claims significantly influence one gender more than another. 

Whatever the insights may be, by conducting this type of consumer testing you can increase initial sales by thousands (if not millions) by tweaking packaging elements before launch to better match your target segment’s preferences. 

#2: Understand Consumer Expectations  

For a new product to come to market and succeed it has to exceed current consumer expectations. The issue is that you cannot begin to establish what those expectations are within your specific market segment without undertaking consumer research

The excellent news is that you can ascertain a broad spectrum of pivotal information regarding your consumer’s product expectations relatively inexpensively thanks to the advent of online research. Even something as simple as a questionnaire can provide critical insights into the perspective of your target market. 

#3: Assess the Acceptance of Your Product 

Before proceeding with the launch of a new product or a revamped existing item, it’s important to ensure that you have the acceptance of potential consumers. With consumer testing, you can gauge levels of acceptance for all manner of product characteristics – from the name and the packaging to the taste of a new recipe formulation. 

By carrying out consumer testing to gauge acceptance levels prior to launch, you can catch potentially fatal mistakes that need to be addressed before bringing a concept to market.

#4: Measure the Performance of Your Product Against Leading Competitors 

A new product will never succeed on the supermarket shelves (or anywhere else for that matter) if it’s not as good as existing products from rival brands. Thus, undertaking consumer research such as taste testing helps to establish how your product compares with what’s already out there.

Plus, if your product performs exceptionally well in a neutral environment that removes bias (such as central location tests), then you can use the results to support claims made on your products.  

#5: Verify Your Product Claims 

It’s all very well believing that your product tastes or lasts longer than a competitor’s. Still, you need to verify your claim scientifically in order to adhere to advertising rules and give your claims some validity in the eyes of your customers. 

Once again, consumer testing is your best friend in this regard. By carrying out tests with consumers, you can gain substantiation for your claims regarding performance, which you can then place on the packaging. 

Consumer tests will help you to make substantive claims such as “9 out of 10 consumers say this product tastes better than the leading brand” or “86% of consumers agree that this cleaning product removes grease and tough stains.”

Choose Wirral Sensory Services for All Types of Consumer Testing 

Here at Wirral Sensory Services, we conduct all manner of consumer testing for leading international and UK brands. From taste testing to focus group studies and home use product testing, our two decades of expertise continues to provide invaluable for many brands you see on the shelves in-store today. 

If you would like to learn more about how consumer testing can gain your products a competitive edge and increase market share after launch, then contact us today on +44 (0)151 346 2999.