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FEfficacy Testing

Efficacy Testing

When making a claim about the effectiveness of a product, it vital that you have the scientific research to support it. Without objective efficacy testing support, your brand could run into difficulty with regulatory bodies for failing to substantiate claims made in your advertising or on your packaging. 

So what exactly is efficacy testing? 

What Is Efficacy Testing?

When launching functional product such as deodorant, it’s vital to understand how effective it is so that when you make claims about your product, you can substantiate them with objective evidence. Performing extensive efficacy testing could support a product claim made on deodorising products such as “offers 24-hour protection.” Putting products through rigorous tests and trials in this manner helps to confirm all the attributes on the supporting marketing materials (such as labels, packaging, catalogues, advertisements, company websites and social media).

Why Is Efficacy Testing So Important?

Customers aren’t going to buy a product if they are unsure of its effectiveness at performing its specified function. For example, consumers will not buy deodorant or make-up products that may, or may not perform as advertised. You need evidence to demonstrate that your product claims are objective.

This is where efficacy testing comes in. By putting products through their paces in a scientific or laboratory setting, you can begin to objectively measure performance and relay those metrics to your customers through your branding. Trust is everything when it comes to consumer relationship, and if you fail to earn it, your product will likely struggle to gain traction. 

What Does Efficacy Testing Involve?

There are numerous methodologies for carrying out efficacy tests. In many instances, it depends on the nature of the product. For instance, make-up products often undergo rigorous clinical trials to prove their effectiveness. By contrast, antiperspirants and deodorants may undergo scientific test carried about by trained assessors. 

Depending on the product, it may be the case that certain products will be tested with target consumers in a central testing location, or in home-based placements to gain efficacy feedback. This data is usually used in support of opinion-based efficacy claims.

Why Choose Wirral Sensory Services For Efficacy Testing Services?

Here at Wirral Sensory Services, we’ve been providing efficacy testing services to leading UK brands for over a decade. Our areas of expertise include testing antiperspirants and deodorants for in-vivo efficacy as well as assessing oral and foot malodour reductions.

To date, we have completed projects on deodorants, antiperspirants, dentifrices, and foot products. We’ve also carried out efficacy testing on air fresheners and products designed to combat malodours on fabrics such as towels and bathmats. 

Here at WSS, we know that when you ask us to carry out vital efficacy tests in a scientific setting, we aren’t just providing you with the results, but with the future marketing and positioning of your products. That’s why we treat every project with the respect it deserves, no matter how large or small. 

So whether you are a start-up company looking to test your product’s effectiveness for the first time, or you’re a well-established brand looking to evaluate the performance of a new offering, our high-quality and robust efficacy testing services can help your business.