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New Recruitment System

Posted on 22nd September 2019 in Blog

WSS is pleased to announce our new recruitment system which we will be slowly integrating over the coming months for some tests. This post outlines how it works.

When we have an appropriate test we will send out a text message to your mobile phone. The message you will receive will be from “WSS”. Within the text you will receive a brief explanation of the test as well as a unique link.

When you click on the link, it will take you to a specific testing page on our website. It will ask you for your name, number and email address as well as selecting which time slot you would like to attend. When you click “apply” it will then ask you some specific recruitment questions relating to the testing. If you meet the criteria for the testing you will receive a confirmation message on screen as well as a confirmation email with the details of the testing (time, date, products). Then just attend as you usually would!


  1. Once all the sessions are full you will no longer be able to join the testing.
  2. You will need access to the internet on your phone to be able to use this service or copy the link into a browser on your laptop or home pc.
  3. You can also view upcoming tests here, without the need to receive a text message –
  4. You can forward on the above link to friends and family.
  5. Please only apply once as the system will not let you apply if you do not meet the testing criteria.
  6. Please remember we test in both the Wirral & Watford so only apply to tests you can attend!
  7. If you have any problems, please email: or ring – 0151 346 2996.




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