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Online Research

Posted on 11th November 2018 in Blog

Online research is a valuable research method when identifying and exploring concept development or brand awareness.

Through the use of visual representations of new product packaging for example, you can identify if consumers like the mock-up, their general opinions and ways to which it can be improved. You can also gain feedback on ideas through the use of a concept description; this describes to the consumer your intention for a product or a product improvement and you can thus gain their feedback.

There are many advantages to online research. One of the main advantages is that is generally quite cost effective. This is because remuneration is lower due to no travelling costs and also the consumer can carry out the research at their own convenience.

Secondly, you are able to target a large sample size as there are no restrictions on space as you would have in a central location test. Typically, you can gain views from between 100 and 200 consumers resulting in a solid and reliable dataset as well as an in-depth feedback.

Wirral Sensory Services has been carrying out on-line studies for over 10 years using robust and reliable software that allows for data collection and analysis. Before we begin the study we will ask for your target market and then ask if the consumer would like to take part in the study. They will then answer a recruitment screener, if they pass this they will be then allowed to complete the study. A link is sent to their email or mobile to which they can access the online questionnaire.

WSS provides a full breakdown of the results in an easy to read and concise research report. We will highlight any particular strengths and weaknesses of the product and make suggestions on product improvement and direction.
We would love to hear about any upcoming projects you have in mind, so please feel free to contact us for more information or for a general chat.

Wirral Sensory Services - Making sense of research