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How Packaging Research Helps Your Product to Stand Out

product packaging research

For your product to succeed, your brand must invest in comprehensive packaging research.  Consumers have an intimate relationship with their favourite brands. Some consumers will even switch to a different supermarket in search of their trusted brand. Brand loyalty is what every brand strives for. However, achieving and maintaining brand loyalty can be challenging for even the most established brands.

Every year over 300,000 businesses fail in the UK. Current global conditions will undoubtedly pose an even more significant challenge to UK brands. Thus, getting your product research right is more vital than ever before. Remember, your product’s packaging is the first thing consumers will notice. If the packaging is unappealing, consumers are less likely to grab it off the shelf.

So, what exactly does package research involve?

What is Packaging Research?

Packaging research is a type of consumer research that tests the efficacy of your product’s appearance. There are various types of packaging research. The right one for your brand will depend on the nature of your product, the age of your target audience, and where your product will be sold.

Your product’s packaging is most important at the point of purchase, when consumers have to choose between your product and your competitors’. Packaging research aims to ensure that your product’s packaging is appealing enough for consumers to choose your brand time and again.

In recent years, brands have been incorporating sensory research within their packaging research. Sensory packaging research focuses on creating a product that is appealing to all five senses. Multi-sensory packaging delivers innovative markers that consumers can quickly identify, increasing your chances of having your products being picked up off the shelves. 

How Can Packaging Influence Consumer Choices?

Product Visibility

Most brands understand the importance of standing out from their competitors. However, to stand out, you’ll have to do more than wrap your product up in bright colours. For your product to become more visible on supermarket or retail shelves, your product’s shape and texture needs to appeal to consumers too.

Your product’s design should appeal to your target audience. For example, children’s cereals should have stronger colour patterns, while adult cereals have softer, less “noisy” packaging designs.

Communicate Brand Values

Your product’s packaging says a lot about your brand. For instance, UK consumers have become increasingly environmentally conscious. Your product’s packaging can be a powerful tool for attracting new consumers if it clearly communicates your commitment to green initiatives.

Using creative design and eco-friendly materials can make consumers feel good about using your product while simultaneously decreasing your brand’s carbon footprint.

Why Choose Wirral Sensory Services for Your Packing Research Needs?

Effective packaging is essential for start-ups and existing brands. As a brand, you must measure the efficacy of your product’s packaging regularly to ensure that you are keeping up with market trends and consumer tastes. Partnering with an experienced research company, such as Wirral Sensory Services, will help you stay ahead of the curve.

WSS has been conducting comprehensive product and consumer research for brands in the household, food, and beverage industries since 1997. Our research has allowed brands to create gold-standard products that consumers love.

Whether you’re introducing a new product or looking to increase your existing product’s market share, WSS can assist. Get in touch with us today, and one of our experienced team members will book you in for an obligation-free call.