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Packaging Research

Packaging Research

Packaging research is an essential part of any product’s success. A product’s packaging is often the first thing a customer engages with, as they tend to “buy with their eyes.” If your product does not stand out on the shelf, a customer is less likely to pick it up.

Finding the right packaging is challenging for both new and existing brands. A product’s packaging is meant to be both attractive and informative. It also needs to be familiar and trustworthy, while still reflecting its unique, innovative nature.

So, how can packaging research help you achieve the right balance and market success?

What Is Packaging Research?

Packaging research helps brands understand how a proposed packaging design will be received by the market. It also gives them an indication of how likely customers are to reach past their products on the shelf, and choose those of competitors instead.

Effective packaging research can act as an indicator for potential future branding failures. This provides companies with an opportunity to revisit packaging decisions to make tweaks that will improve brand recognition and sales. The research process helps brands understand what effects changes in packaging are likely to have on a product’s performance, and how new packaging can be optimised to achieve product success.

Why Is Packaging Research So Important?

Great packaging is essential for brand recognition and product success.

Shoppers are creatures of habit, who gravitate toward familiarity. When they scan the shelves for their favourite beverage or food product, they are on the lookout for a particular colour and size in a specific spot in the shop or supermarket. If your product packaging is inconsistent, constantly changing, or unappealing, it will miss their subconscious cues and simply won’t make it into their baskets.

This is where effective packaging research comes in. It provides brands with an opportunity to mitigate the risks of mass customer alienation and poor market performance caused by unappealing packaging.

Packaging research is important for the maintenance of brand recognition with current customers as well as attracting new ones. This type of market research allows for the development of expertly designed packaging. Executed correctly, it gives your product the distinctive advantage of securing shelf-space and sales.

What Does Packaging Research Involve?

To be effective, packaging research must be conducted using clear methodology by an experienced company, like Wirral Sensory Services.

There are various types of packing research techniques, each involving their own distinct methodology. These methodologies can include questionnaires, focus groups, and central location testing. An experienced research company can help you choose the type of research techniques that best achieve your brand’s goals.

Online questionnaires can be used to gain an understanding of potential flaws in your packaging’s design. Research participants, made up of consumers, are presented with a series of on-screen potential packaging options. They then select the one that appeals to them the most.

By contrast, central location testing involves replicating a supermarket shelf display. Research participants then engage with the product on a first-hand basis, just like they would in a normal supermarket environment. This methodology provides an opportunity for honest packaging comparison, that can’t be simulated in a boardroom.

Both methodologies can provide brands with accurate and detailed results that can be used to improve their product before it makes its way to supermarket shelves.

Why Choose Wirral Sensory Services For Your Packaging Research Requirements?

At Wirral Sensory Services, we have seen first-hand the impact that packaging has on brand success. No matter how great a product’s sensory profile is, if the packaging design fails to excite, customers are less likely to ever experience it.

Over the past 20 years, we have provided food and beverage brands with a full spectrum of services that results in the development of a more holistic product. This increases market engagement, and ultimately sales.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you refine and develop your product packaging using robust and accurate methodology.