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Recruitment Update

Posted on 20th January 2020 in Blog

As you all may know, the recruitment system has been in use for over a month now. The idea of it was to make it easier for all panelists to join a study quickly and easily. We have also been working hard to have up to date details for everyone, however, if you have recently changed your mobile number or email, please let us know by emailing:

Your mobile number is the most important piece of information we have for you. This is because your number links to your system and thus allows us to see your details and invite you to tests, it also allows us to track your attendance. It is also important you hold your own mobile number, as sharing will cause complications as we will only be able to invite the main account holder.

We understand new systems can be a bit daunting, but all the information you will need about recruitment is available via the following link: We mostly use this system for central location testing, online testing and sensory research.

Wirral Sensory Services - Making sense of research