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Home Use Slow Cooker

Thank you for agreeing to take part in this home use testing on slow cooker sauces.

You will have a total of four questionnaires to answer. Could you please answer the questionnaire on the new concept product first, which will be the first link included.

Could you then please prepare the products over the following days and answer the questionnaires once you have tried each product.


This is the new concept product questionnaire, please click the link below:



This is the questionnaire for the Chilli product:



This is the questionnaire for the Curry product:



This is the questionnaire for the Pulled Pork product, which you will receive on Monday:



Please make sure to complete the questionnaires for the Curry & Chilli products before Monday 4th Feb. then please complete the questionnaire for the Pulled Pork product by Wednesday 6th Feb.

If you have any problems with the product or questionnaire, please contact recruitment@wssintl.com

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