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Nichols plc – Vimto International

Wirral Sensory Services (WSS) have worked in partnership with the Vimto brand since 2003. During last year we helped in the launch of a series of WeightWatchers cordials and conducted a number of npd projects for a range of sports and energy drinks.

‘In 2011 we developed a new range of branded products; we used WSS to identify which product of a selection of variants was significantly preferred by consumers. The research was conducted on a panel of very specific demographics in a series of central location and on site tests.

The research allowed us to accurately assess the best possible product to launch in the market place.’

James Nichols – Brand Manager – Vimto International


Aunt Bessie’s Limited

Wirral Sensory Services (WSS) have worked with Aunt Bessie’s since 2007. The product categories which we have helped to improve at Aunt Bessie’s include Yorkshire puddings, stuffing balls, parsnips and desserts.

‘At Aunt Bessie’s we need to constantly monitor and improve our products to ensure that they are the best in the market place. Our Yorkshire pudding products are a key line in the business and it has been important to ensure that we maximise the quality and taste. WSS have helped us achieve great tasting Yorkshire puddings through regular consumer testing.

WSS have also helped us develop other key lines including apple pies, stuffing products and ice creams. We would recommend WSS as a research agency, as they are professional, competitively priced and responsive.’

Adrian Hipkiss – Brand Manager – Aunt Bessie’s


Dailycer Group

Dailycer are a leading manufacturer of innovative and delicious breakfast cereals and cereal bars. Wirral Sensory Services (WSS) have worked with Dailycer since 2008 improving the recipes of these childrens products.

“Improvements to our children’s cereals have been tested by WSS through a series of in home children’s taste tests. The work conducted with WSS has allowed us to focus our product development and make changes to the cereals based on the children’s feedback.

WSS were able to conduct the children’s in home research very quickly and in a cost effective manner.”

Sue Jones-Smithson – Category Marketing Manager – Dailycer

Wirral Sensory Services - Making sense of research