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Making of research

Established in 1997, Wirral Sensory Services conducts sensory and consumer research for the food, beverage and household product industries.

Product Development

WSS will provide a bespoke solution to your development needs. Each project has its own individual requirements; we can advise on the best research protocol to ensure that you capture all the information to optimise your products for sale.

Packaging Designs

First impressions count and packaging provides shoppers with the first impression of your products. Therefore, it pays to ensure your packaging is as good as it can be to maximise your sales. We can provide consumer feedback about your packaging options to ensure the correct messages are on pack, and the overall design is as enticing as possible.

Ingredient Analysis

Changes to ingredient levels, whether compulsory or for cost-saving purposes, can dramatically alter the flavour profile of your products. Our bespoke research techniques can show at what level of change consumers notice a difference, allowing you to provide the maximum flavour for minimum expense.

Hit The Shelves

We can provide independent evidence to show consumer liking of your products compared to those already on the market. Achieving a higher score than incumbent listings provides a persuasive argument for stores to list your products instead.

Built on trust

Our clients include major supermarkets, global brands and startups; some of our relationships now stretch over 15 years.

Why people choose us

We treat every project with the importance it deserves plus turnaround projects quickly and efficiently.