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Focus Group Study


Focus Group Study


The art of qualitative research is to explore the reasons why consumers say and think as they do. The most common form of qualitative research is through focus group sessions. These sessions typically involve 8 respondents who discuss research topics in detail for a period of up 2 hours.

The types of research focus groups that can be used for can vary, whether it be for a new product launch or gaining feedback on a new pack design, however they are normally carried out in the early stages of a products life as it allows for focused and detailed feedback from a group of consumers, which then allows for further development and fine tuning.

Our focus group sessions are led by moderators who ensure sessions progress smoothly and that the objectives of the research are discussed in detail. It is also important to ensure the discussion is balanced and no one person takes center stage.

WSS have been conducting focus group sessions since 2002 and we employ two moderators, each with over 15 years of managing such sessions. We have three locations where our focus group sessions are conducted; Watford, Central Birmingham and Wirral. Our focus groups are cost effective and you are provided a detailed and thorough report along with recordings of all the sessions that take place.

One of the most important factors when conducting focus group sessions is to ensure that after the research has been completed we have full and relevant information to address the objectives of the project. WSS place strong emphasis on the role of our moderators, and a flexible, yet comprehensive pre-group discussion plan, to ensure the research provides actionable information.

Case Study:

The request

A client supplying to one of the major multiples had designed a new range of hot eating pie concepts and wanted to assess the potential interest from their core consumer base. As well as examining the concepts themselves, the client wanted to assess consumer reaction to a series of packaging options and on-pack literature.

The methodology

A series of focus groups was carried out with 8 respondents in each group. The group discussions were between 1.5 and 2 hours long and allowed for detailed examination of all the clients’ key questions. The respondents were recruited to very specific demographics and purchased the exact type of product the client was developing. Our experienced moderator was able to lead the discussion in a completely objective manner, allowing the respondents to voice genuine opinions about the products and packaging.

The results

We were able to provide a wealth of in-depth information to the client about whether the new flavour variants would be welcomed by the target consumer group and also about the preferred packaging options and wording.

The action

Based on the results of the focus group study, the client was able to define the best product options to take forward and also the best packaging format.

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