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Focus Group Study

Focus Group Study

The art of qualitative research is to explore the reasons why consumers say and think as they do. The most common form of qualitative research is through focus group studies. These typically involve around eight respondents who discuss research topics in detail for a period of up 2 hours.

Focus groups studies can provide key development information in a number of ways, be it for a new product launch or gaining feedback on a new pack design; they are generally most useful in the early stages of the development process as they allow for focused, detailed feedback which can be invaluable when you need more profound information than a simple questionnaire can deliver.

We have over 15 years’ experience of focus group studies and all discussion groups are led by our own, MRS-accredited moderator who will ensure that all key questions are discussed in detail.

The Case Study

A client supplying to one of the major multiples had designed a new range of hot eating pie concepts and wanted to assess the potential interest from their core consumer base. As well as examining the concepts themselves, the client wanted to assess consumer reaction to a series of packaging options and on-pack literature.