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Efficacy Testing

Efficacy Testing

Prior to launching a functional product it is essential to know how effective it is. Measuring the level of efficacy allows for substantive claim support such as “offers 24hr protection”.

WSS offers a range of services for efficacy testing and claim support. We have over ten years experience in testing antiperspirants and deodorants for in-vivo efficacy as well as assessing oral and foot malodour reductions.

To date, we have successfully completed projects on deodorants, antiperspirants, dentifrices and foot products, as well as air fresheners and products designed to combat malodours on fabrics such as towels and bathmats. As well as central location tests, we provide home use placements for assessing products under normal user conditions.

The Case Study

A leading producer of odour control products wanted to measure malodour counteractancy (MOC) of foot and shoe spray products. They had requested fragrance submissions from the major perfume houses and needed to select the most effective across a range of products.