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Home Use Testing


Home Use Testing

Home Use Testing (or HUT) is the process of supplying test products to consumers to test in their own home environment. This methodology can be used test a new recipe or product, conduct claim support, carry out children’s research or conduct competitor comparison analysis.

Sample Methodology:

  1. Samples are prepared, coded, bagged in our facilities using our staff following COVID-19 guidance and procedures
  2. We use experienced distributors to drop off samples at individual panellist households
  3. Distributors will be supplied with PPE, they will follow social distancing regulations when dropping off samples
  4. The distributors will inform the respondents of the instructions for the test and will ensure they know how to complete the questionnaires
  5. Signed confidentiality and test instruction declaration sheets if required

Tests can be run over a number of days or weeks depending on the clients’ timescale. They can show you exactly what the consumer thinks about your product over that time.  Projects can be turned around in less than 3 weeks from start to completion.

We are able to work with you to determine the right demographics of participants and carry all testing out according to current COVID 19 lock-down guidelines.  If you would like further information or to discuss a particular project with us then please get in contact with me by emailing: dbarry@wssintl.com or calling: 07779 333 494.

Case Study:

The request

A client wanted to explore the use of two separate components used in the cooking of a microwave burger product that consumers used at home. The two components had different properties and therefore affected the final outcome of the cooked product.

The methodology

The two NPD products were delivered to the panel along with instructions on how to prepare each product. They then tested each product over a 2 day period, ensuring they filled out the questionnaire after testing each individual product.

The results

A report was generated showing the differences each component made to the final cooked product. The report highlighted the statistical differences between the two products as well as recommendations on which product would be most successful in the market.

The action

Based on the feedback of the research, the client was able to clearly distinguish which component to use when finally taking the product to market to ensure a better cooked product.

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