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The power of a good brand name is evident wherever you look. We all know of traditional brands that appear in consumer’s baskets in every weekly shop, so it pays to make sure that your brand, as well as your products, is popular with your core consumers.

But how can you measure the power of your brand?

The best way to assess the impact of your brand is with a two stage central location test. Testing your product against those of your competitors in a blind taste test, i.e. without the influence of branding, will show the acceptance of your product alone, by the typical consumer.

Following this with a repeat test, this time with the addition of the brand, will show the combined acceptance of your product along with your brand.

When the data from these two pieces of research are combined, it will show either a positive, or negative impact of your brand on consumer perception of your product.



Case Study:

The request

A leading private label magazine wanted to establish the influence of branding on the consumer when it came to their perception of baked beans. As such, they requested we carry out a piece of research to investigate the effect of branding.

The methodology

Two central location tests were carried out with 100 habitual baked beans consumers. For the first test, the products were all debranded before being presented to the respondents and for the second test, the products were all presented alongside their brand.

The results

The results clearly showed the importance a brand name can make when it comes to consumer expectation of products. When the products were served debranded, some of the cheaper, own label products achieved scores in excess of the traditional brands; however when assessed with brand names, the reverse was true.

The action

The client was able to publish an article detailing the findings of the results and showing beyond a doubt the importance that branding can have on consumer perception of quality.

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