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Packaging Research

Packaging research is a fundamental part of any product. A customer is less likely pick out your product If you do not stand out on the shelf, especially if it’s unfamiliar to them. Generally, packaging will tell consumers what they can expect to find within, so it pays to make sure each packaging option conveys the intended message. A product’s packaging is also fundamental as it allows you to promote the product and any particular competitive claims you wish to make. This could be the difference between a consumer picking up your product, rather than your competitor’s.

Taste Testing - Brand

We can provide full packaging research solutions which will tell you exactly what consumers like or dislike about your packaging options, this is especially useful if you have several mock-ups and are unsure which one is preferred. We are also able to look at different fonts, images and shapes for packaging, which may give your product that extra “wow” factor on the shelf. Packaging Research is something that is becoming more popular as it is the first point of contact you make with potential customers, and thus vitally important.

Several research techniques are available ranging from on-line questionnaires where consumers can rate potential packaging designs presented to them on-screen or a central location test in which we can replicate supermarket shelf displays, which also allows consumers a tangible product to pick up as they would in a normal supermarket environment. Both methodologies provide detailed results and ones a client can use to improve their product before taking it to market.

To date, we have worked with many well-known brands including M&S and Thornton’s, to help define and develop pack designs.

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