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Covid Update

Posted on 26th May 2020 in Blog

With the Government currently planning their end of lock-down strategy, WSS would like to update all of our clients on the services we are offering.

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European Research

Posted on 5th March 2020 in Blog

We are often asked; can you carry out research outside of the UK? A simple answer to that question is YES. We have had a presence in Europe for over a decade now and carry out regular projects in Ireland, France, Holland and Germany to name a few.

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Recruitment Update

Posted on 20th January 2020 in Blog

As you all may know, the recruitment system has been in use for over a month now. The idea of it was to make it easier for all panelists to join a study quickly and easily. We have also been working hard to have up to date details for everyone, however, if you have recently changed your mobile number or email, please let us know by emailing:

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New Recruitment System

Posted on 22nd September 2019 in Blog

WSS is pleased to announce our new recruitment system which we will be slowly integrating over the coming months for some tests. This post outlines how it works.

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Children’s Research

Posted on 19th July 2019 in Blog

Children’s Testing in Relation to Food

We are living in a competitive and fast-paced world where food manufactures are striving hard to stand out amongst the crowd. Companies that aim at enhancing their products quality are likely to gain more customers’ and improve satisfaction. The products may range from food, toiletries, beverages, apparels, household products etc.

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Product Benchmarking – All You Need to Know

Posted on 26th May 2019 in Blog

Food market research is a wide technical area that requires expertise in both qualitative and quantitative techniques. It includes processes such as product testing, consumer testing, product analysis, taste testing, consumer panelling etc. Another key aspect is product benchmarking and this article is all about it. Let’s take a look at what it is, what the process involves and its types:

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The power of focus group studies: helping you hone your products

Posted on 10th March 2019 in Blog

Whether you are a startup company or an established global brand, focus group studies can be an extremely powerful marketing tool. Used to gather rich data, focus groups can help companies to enhance their marketing strategies by acquiring feedback about their products. As well as helping to optimise products, the research gathered can be used to increase customer satisfaction and generate more profits. Let’s take a closer look at what focus groups are and how they can help you hone your products.

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