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Sensory Services

Sensory services are key in the development of successful products, particularly in the food and beverage industry. By investigating, measuring, and reporting how consumers interact with products, we can help you to design and improve products to better meet consumer needs.

5 Benefits of Working with Wirral Sensory Services

Research is a vital part of the product development process. From gauging product acceptance to evaluating flavour profiles versus leading competitors, research is an essential tool for any brand looking to succeed in the marketplace.

Which Feedback Methods Are Available with Home Use Product Testing?

Home use product testing offers brands developing products numerous advantages. From observing how a product performs within its intended environment to studying unscripted user behaviour, this type of testing provides brands with a wealth of feedback that can be used to improve product design and functionality.

What Can Your Brand Expect as Part of a Sensory Research Service?

If you're a startup or established brand looking to secure increased market share, you need to understand your target audience's preferences. At Wirral Sensory Services, our range of sensory research services help you do just that.

Which Products Are Best Suited to a Home Use Product Testing Service?

Home use product testing is a cornerstone consumer research methodology for many industries. Home use product tests are a type of consumer research in which products are sent to consumers' homes for them to test in their everyday environment. This allows manufacturers to get feedback on how their products perform…

Who is an Efficacy Testing Service Most Useful For? Brands or Consumers?

When trying to prove the effectiveness of a product, using an efficacy testing service is an obvious choice. But who does this type of testing benefit the most? Is it more useful for brands to test their products before releasing them to the public, gathering data, assessing performance, and making…

Taste Testing Companies

Taste testing is a vital component of consumer research for food and beverage companies. It allows manufacturers to identify potential problems with their products, gauge consumer acceptance, and make necessary adjustments prior to widespread distribution.

Sensory Testing

Sensory testing is a vital component of product development for many leading brands. It allows manufacturers to assess how a product will be perceived by consumers and make necessary adjustments before it hits the market. Sensory testing can provide invaluable insights into consumer preferences and help ensure that products meet…

5 Things You Need to Know About Home Use Product Testing

Home use product testing is an excellent way to develop critical insights about how a product will perform once it hits store shelves. In some cases, it can even revive a failing product by allowing manufacturers to better understand how customers interact with it.

What Packaging Research Reveals About the Colour of Your Brand's Products

The colour of your packaging plays an integral role in the way consumers perceive your product. In fact, 85% of customers buy products based on colour alone. And yet, many companies overlook the importance of colour in their packaging design.

What Are Some of the Most Common Sensory Testing Methodologies?

Sensory testing plays a vital role in the development of food products. It helps ensure that products are appealing to consumers and that they contain many of the traits of current market leaders.

How Sensory Testing Helps in the Development of Plant-Based Food Products

With a 30-fold increase in the number of vegans over the last 15 years, food brands are now in a race to tap into this ever-growing market. And while there’s been an explosion of plant-based products, from vegan cheese to plant-based meat, the development of plant-based foods replicating the full…

5 Tips for Conducting Consumer Research with Children and Young People

Plenty of home, food, and beverage products focus almost exclusively on the under-18 market. Items, including yoghurts, cereals, and toys, are all heavily advertised to children, so it’s no surprise that companies want to know what young consumers think about their products and how to make them even better.

What Are The Advantages Of Home Use Testing?

Home use testing (HUT), or in-home use testing (iHUT) as it's often referred to, describes the process of using a product in a target consumer's home and gathering feedback concerning a product's performance in its intended setting.

What is a Blind Taste Test?

When conducting consumer testing, blind taste tests are a valuable tool in gathering consumer feedback without being influenced by other factors such as branding, price, packaging etc. In a blind taste test, participants are given products to sample without knowing which brand they are trying. This allows testers to focus…

Who Carries Out Sensory Testing?

Sensory testing is an integral part of product development in the food and beverage industries. The process helps establish the sensory profile of a product and can identify potential off-flavours or other sensory defects.

5 Elements To Look Out For When Choosing A Consumer Product Testing Company

When carrying out consumer research, the chances are that you'll need to enlist the services of an experienced consumer testing company to ensure that the process is conducted smoothly and to the highest possible standards. However, with so many different consumer testing companies to choose from, it can be tricky…

What is Product Optimisation?

No food manufacturer or beverage brand should ever stand still. Even if you currently hold the position of market leader, without continuous and ongoing product optimisation, you will lose the top spot to another brand carrying out this vital exercise.

5 Reasons Why Your Brand Should Commit to Ongoing Product Testing

While sales might be indicative of your product's performance, how can you really tell if your product is meeting customer expectations and delivering on its promises? Product testing is one of the best ways to dig much deeper into your performance and gain valuable feedback to help you assess and…

How Home Use Testing Saved One of the World's Most Successful Products

Back in the early 1990s, the world's largest consumer goods company, Procter & Gamble, was busy working on a new product. It was a spray that would completely eliminate bad odours. From wet dog stenches to the lingering smell of cigarette smoke, Febreze was meant to become a revolutionary golden-goose…

Should You Ever Rename Your Product?

Renaming a product is something that food and beverage manufacturers consider from time to time. Sometimes it's the right thing to do. By contrast, there are other circumstances whereby renaming a product is likely to have negative consequences and potential knock-on effects for your wider brand.

Your Quick Guide to Successful Product Claims

Making your product stand out on the shelf is more challenging than ever. With as much as 85% of household shopping derived from repeat purchases, it’s become harder than ever to convince consumers to switch to your food or drink product from their current preferences.

The Four Steps Required for Developing a Winning Product Concept

When developing new products, there's a massive difference between thinking you have a winning product concept and knowing you do. With extensive product concept testing, you could be pouring significant resources into a project that is doomed from the start.

Why Taste is So Vital for Food Products

Did you know that of 12,000 food product launches across Europe, 76% fail to retain their listing after 12 months? Worse, as many as two-thirds even fail to reach the milestone of 10,000 units sold. If you're in the final stages of launching a new product or revamping an existing…

Taste Testing Company

When developing food and drink products, taste plays a pivotal role in consumer acceptance. That's why leading food brands and manufacturers team up with taste testing companies to gather crucial insights into how their products perform within target demographics before investing in production or marketing campaigns.

Sensory Food Testing

Sensory testing (or sensory profiling as it's often referred to) involves the objective evaluation of food (and beverage) products based on the five senses. Rather than using members of the public, sensory food testing required trained panellists who evaluate products based on sensory factors such as smell and taste.

How To Make Your Product's Rebrand A Success

Rebranding, renaming or revamping existing products can be a worthwhile endeavour for products in desperate need of a new lease of life or a significant sales boost. But rebranding is not without risk, and getting it wrong can be incredibly costly both in terms of brand reputation and resources spent.…

How Packaging Redesign Blunders Cost These Leading Brands Millions

Packaging research is a crucial component of product development. Yet, this vital phase of branding (and rebranding) is often overlooked, creating enormous issues for the brands that didn’t carry out consumer testing correctly.

The Challenges Of Central Location Testing

Central location testing (CLT) is a vital piece of the puzzle for brands looking to gain consumer insights into their products. CLT is a qualitative market research approach in which research takes place in a specific, controlled environment such as a testing lab, restaurant, shopping center, department store or other…

Product Concept Testing

Product concept testing is an early market research method that maximises the odds of you launching a product that people want to purchase. You explore the viability of a product with its target consumer early on and improve its development from the feedback and data acquired from the testing.