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Product Acceptance


If you have a new product that you would like to take to market, it makes sense to get a view of the product quality from your target market.

Consumer acceptance research allows you find out what the average consumer truly thinks of your product. You will get detailed analysis of numerous attributes which you can then use to further improve your product. The data can also be used to validate how good the product is and how likely it is to succeed in a competitive market place.

It can also be used to provide reassurance to retailers that there is a demand for the product, it is of high quality and therefore, likely to be a success.

This type of research can be done in a central location with strict scientific conditions or as a home use test where consumers use / eat the product in their normal manner.



Case Study:

The request

A client wanted to introduce a new, premium hot dog product to a major retailer but needed independent evidence to show the product was of a high quality and would be welcomed by category purchasers within the retailer.

The methodology

A central location taste test was carried out using the 100 consumers from the target audience; all branding details were removed to ensure a fair test based on the product alone.

The product was assessed against a number of key criteria designed to explore consumer liking of appearance, aroma, flavour and texture qualities, along with an overall score.

The results

The results of the test showed that the product was almost unanimously welcomed by the consumers; it provided powerful evidence for the client to take to the retailer to demonstrate the product would be successful if launched in their stores.

The action

The client was able to take the positive results to the retailer to add weight to their claim about the quality of the product. As a result, the product is now on shelf in one of the UK’s largest retailers.

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