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Fragrance Testing

Fragrance plays a vital role in so many products. From detergents to deodorants, how a product smells influences how people feel about it. It can be the difference between a product feeling luxurious or cheap, natural or synthetic. That’s why manufacturers must get the fragrance of their products just right.

But how do you go about doing that? How do you ensure that the fragrance in your product is perfect for your target market?

The answer lies in fragrance testing and making decisions based on objective, scientifically sound data. Using the latest technology and highly trained assessors, you can ensure that your product’s fragrance is right.

fragrance testing

What Goes Into Fragrance Technology & Testing?

Fragrance technology controls the fragrance delivery, affecting how long the fragrance lingers and determining the strength of the scent. In other instances, the technological development of a perfume may also control how it reacts to contact with other elements such as water (crucial in the case of detergents and fabric softeners). With fragrance testing, brands can better understand if the hard work they have put into developing the product is bearing fruit. Highly skilled, objective assessors put the perfumed product through its paces and report back on the performance of the fragrance. Perhaps the process of fragrance technology testing is best demonstrated via a real-life case study.

Multinational Household Products Brand Tests New Fragrance For Detergent Liquid

A multinational household products brand recently approached us to test a detergent liquid with a new fragrance. The company wanted to assess changes (if any) in fragrance notes during the wash cycle and evaluate whether the new fragrance affected cleaning performance. We conducted a fragrance profiling exercise using a panel of 16 trained assessors to put it to the test. We began by running an olfactory descriptor session, generating 25 descriptors that assessors would use to measure the perfume quality of the 12 perfumes used in the product. These would then be measured on dry fabric and again on damp fabric. Through the testing process, fragrance profiles were generated for each product at each stage of the wash cycle. Multivariate mapping was used to compare and contrast the fragrances, and there were indeed changes in fragrance profile across the wash cycle, which were identified and reported to the client. The client used the insights uncovered from this research to shape the upcoming fragrance brief for their detergent liquids and factored them into their future product fragrance development.


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At Wirral Sensory Services, we have been testing and conducting scientific research on product fragrances and fragrance technology for more than 20 years. Today, we are trusted by some of the world’s biggest brands to help them make informed decisions about their product fragrances. Given the scent of a product can make or break its success, you need to be confident that the fragrance you have developed is perfect for your target market. Our strict scientific process, experienced personnel, and excellent track record give you total peace of mind concerning the validity of the findings uncovered through our research. Whether you need help with fragrance technology or perfume testing, we would be happy to discuss your needs and see how we can help. Get in touch with us today via telephone at +44 (0)151 346 2999 or email your product research enquiry to