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Central location testing is a method of consumer market research that takes place in a controlled environment as opposed to an individual’s home, as is the case within home use product tests.

By conducting product research with potential consumers in this manner, brands can secure a number of advantages. With that in mind, let’s discuss those benefits in a little more detail to allow you to understand why you might want to run your brand’s products through one or several central location tests.

Central Location Tests Minimise Bias

When conducting any type of consumer research, bias is always a problem. This is certainly true for home use product tests conducted by consumers themselves, where inherent biases are almost impossible to avoid.

However, a central location test monitors everybody together in the same space, within the same parameters, without the chance of outside influences having an impact. Participants are asked the exact same questions in the exact same order, without confusion or pressure.

This means that participants are free to express their true feelings towards the product in question whilst not having to worry about anything or anyone potentially influencing or impacting their answers.

In short, it’s much more difficult to introduce bias to a central location test because the conditions are identical for everybody.

Central Location Tests Allow You To Observe and Note Indirect Feedback

One of the key advantages of this product research method is that you can also monitor and record indirect feedback such as body language, facial expressions, and vocal responses to the test.

Participants may also express opinions regarding how the product feels, whether they like it or not, and even ask researchers questions. By watching and noting these unprompted responses through a central location test, you can more accurately gain insight into what people are really thinking.

Central Location Tests Are Quicker to Process Than Many Other Consumer Research Methodologies

Another great thing about using a central location test within your brand’s consumer research programme is that it’s also much quicker to complete. Online research or home use product testing can take several weeks to complete before analysis and reporting can take place.

By contrast, central location testing can take place in a matter of days or less, depending upon how many locations you would like to test at. It’s also good to note that the team at Wirral Sensory Services will do all the legwork for you by finding participants, researchers, and suitable central location test venues.

Once your product research project is over, we will then collect all the feedback received and review it for you. From there, we can create in-depth reports and other insightful analyses for you to review.

Choose WSS for Your Central Location Testing Needs Today

Central location tests represent one of the most objective consumer research formats available today. While it won’t suit all products and brands, we strongly recommend conducting research using this methodology to control as many variables as possible.

From taste testing to packaging research, we have conducted hundreds of vital product research projects using central location testing here at WSS.

If you’re weighing up whether to pursue central location tests for your new and existing product lines, why not email our team today at to learn more about how we can help your brand gain valuable insights from your central location tests?