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While you might think that your product offers enhanced performance or lasts longer, you cannot make claims regarding those thoughts without first carrying out robust studies to provide evidential proof. The Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) strictly prohibits making unsubstantiated claims in marketing materials (including product packaging).

As a consequence, your brand will rely on efficacy testing to prove that your product operates in the manner you claim. With the scientifically-proven statistics that back up the efficacy of your product, you will also have proven that your product lives up to its stated performance.

Below we detail three further reasons to put your product through efficacy testing.

Gain Reassurance and Confidence in Your Product’s Performance and Quality

It’s one thing to believe your latest product innovations perform in a certain way, but how can you be sure without objective verification? Efficacy testing provides your brand with the reassurance to ensure all your product claims are accurate.

You also gain confidence in your product’s quality. Knowing that a small or non-existent percentage of users have experienced any issues while using your product gives you the confidence to take on current competitors who have won market share through their currently superior product performance claims.

Avoid Fines from Industry Regulators and Potential Lawsuits

As mentioned, making product claims without any evidence is usually a recipe for fines and penalties from industry regulators, and it could leave you open to costly lawsuits. If a customer uses a product as intended and fails to live up to claims made that lack any objective evidence, your brand could find itself on the wrong end of several lawsuits.

By investing in efficacy testing, you can avoid such penalties and gain total peace of mind that your product claims will stand up to the scrutiny of any regulator or court of law.

Avoid Reputational Damage from Negative Media Coverage

Having to defend yourself in the media is never a good look. Unsubstantiated claims or lack of evidence for claim performances can come back to bite your brand in the form of negative media coverage.

For instance, a customer having a bad experience or suffering an illness or injury due to using or consuming your product as intended can quickly go viral and push your brand into the spotlight. The reputational damage that can occur because of poorly substantiated (or unsubstantiated) claims can hurt future sales, lead to changes in market share, or even result in the closure of a whole line of products.

Choose Wirral Sensory Services for Your Efficacy Testing Today

Making unsubstantiated claims on your products is a risky game to play. It could leave your brand open to negative publicity, regulatory fines, or worse, debilitating lawsuits.

The good news is that you can avoid these headaches with effective efficacy testing from experienced companies such as WSS. Not only have we developed and honed our processes to ensure our claim support evidence is iron-clad, but we also have some of the most experienced product researchers in the UK.

So whether you just want to have an informal chat about an upcoming research project or have a full efficacy testing briefing ready to go, call us today on +44 (0) 151 346 2999 to get the ball rolling.