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We are often asked; can you carry out research outside of the UK? A simple answer to that question is YES. We have had a presence in Europe for over a decade now and carry out regular projects in Ireland, France, Holland and Germany to name a few.

The types of studies we carry out overseas is similar to what we do in the UK inclusive of consumer research, sensory research, focus groups and benchmarking.

We are asked by clients to conduct research in different countries for several reasons, the main reason being that particular country is home to one of their products, and not available in UK stores. Another reason is that a company wish to evaluate if their product would be a success outside the UK.

We have great experience in carrying out research in other countries, and are experienced in some of the challenging obstacles in brings, such as different languages and recruitment criteria. We run the research from start to finish, and also attend in whatever country we are carrying out the research in.

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