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Every year thousands of products are introduced to the UK market, but less than 3% of those products will enjoy a successful launch. To overcome the barriers to entry in mature markets, companies have had to find innovative ways to stand out from the crowded grocery store shelf.

In recent years, product optimisation has proven crucial to the success of new products and existing brands. Through the effective use of sensory research techniques, you can now stay ahead of your competitors and develop industry-leading products.

So what exactly is product optimisation? And how can it help you create a ‘gold standard’ product?

What is Product Optimisation?

Product optimisation is a powerful tool that uses techniques such as sensory profiling and consumer taste testing to understand consumer preferences. First, a qualified sensory panel will generate a product profile that measures your product’s critical features. A subsequent consumer taste test is then conducted, which allows us to understand your target market’s preferences.

Product optimisation gives us valuable insight into what consumers want from their products, and this allows us to develop competitive, high-quality products in response to those needs.

What are the Benefits of Combining Sensory Research with Consumer Taste Testing?

The most significant benefits of combining sensory research and taste testing are accuracy and improved sales.

By combining the sensory profile with the information gathered from the consumer taste test, we can have a deeper understanding of how, and crucially, why consumers will respond to your product in a certain way.

Understanding consumer preferences and your product in this level of detail will allow a sensory research company, like Wirral Sensory Services, to provide you with a comprehensive roadmap for developing the best performing product in your consumer segment.

How did Wirral Sensory Services Help to Create a “Gold Standard” Popcorn Product?

Wirral Sensory Services have helped many clients create outstanding products. More recently, we assisted a popcorn manufacturer and helped them create a ‘gold standard’ product.

The popcorn manufacturer wanted to maintain its market share while also improving sales. To achieve this outcome, they had to ensure that they had the best quality popcorn product on the market.

By combining sensory profiling with taste testing, we created a reliable profile that allowed for product adjustments and enhancements. These adjustments and enhancements ultimately created a ‘gold standard’ product, leading to a dramatic increase in sales.

Why Choose Wirral Sensory Services for Your Product Optimisation Needs

Wirral Sensory Services are industry leaders in product optimisation. For over 20 years, our research methodologies have helped brands (such as the nationally-recognised popcorn manufacturer mentioned above) achieve market success.

Our product optimisation process has proven to be successful for both new brands launching new products and existing brands looking to increase their market share. Our experienced sensory technicians are qualified to conduct a wide range of research, including efficacy testing, packaging research, focus group studies, and much more.

If your brand requires industry-leading insight, we can help. Get in touch with us today, and one of our experienced team members will be more than happy to help you make a start on your product optimisation journey.