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Sensory Profiling

Effective research methodologies have proven to be crucial in the development of industry-leading products. However, choosing the most suitable research methodology for your brand can be challenging.

Consumer research allows brands to understand the tastes of their target audience, while objective sensory research allows for objective insights from trained professionals.

So, what is sensory profiling, and how can it benefit your brand?

What is Sensory Profiling?

During the sensory profiling process, trained panellists will assess your product against crucial parameters. Unlike untrained focus group participants, sensory panellists have higher than average sensory acuity. The sensory panellists’ acuity allows them to identify even the most subtle of tastes and smells.

The feedback provided by sensory panellists can then be used to create a unique sensory profile for any product. Your product’s sensory profile can be used to identify existing design flaws or to compare your new product formulation to your competitor’s products.

What are the Benefits of Sensory Profiling?

Sensory profiling can benefit your brand as it will allow you to create competitive, high-quality products with high consumer acceptance rates.

Gain a Competitive Edge

Sensory profiling will allow you to stay ahead of your competitors. This crucial element of research and development will indicate the key differences between your product and your competitor’s. The data received from your sensory profile can then be used to make critical adjustments to your product to increase its competitiveness within the marketplace.

Ensure Consistency 

Consistency is an essential part of your product’s success. Even the slightest alteration to your product formulation can sway consumers and send them to competitors. For this reason, brands work tirelessly to ensure that products remain consistent in quality, taste, smell, and appearance. Your product’s sensory profile will allow you to monitor the sensory attributes of your product more accurately to ensure that its quality remains consistent.

Improve Consumer Acceptance Rates 

Sensory profiling can contribute to high consumer acceptance rates too. Your product’s sensory profile can be used to inform other consumer research, such as taste testing, to increase consumer acceptance. The research will allow you to identify the key drivers for your target audience and create a product in line with those findings. The increased consumer acceptance can consequently maximise sales too.

Why Choose Wirral Sensory Services to Conduct Your Sensory Profiling?

Wirral Sensory Services has been conducting industry-leading sensory research for UK food and beverage brands for over 20 years. Brands of all sizes have entrusted our panels of expert sensory assessors with their product development needs.

Our panellists are among the best in the country. They consistently provide high-quality reports that leading brands rely upon to make the necessary changes for their products to be successful. The sensory profiles we create allows clients to develop gold-standard products that taste great, win the approval of new or existing customers, and increase market share. 

Some brands are reluctant to start sensory research as they think of it as an unnecessary expense. However, launching a product onto the market prematurely without conducting a thorough sensory profile can lead to unnecessary dips in sales performance, which could even lead to removal from leading retailers. 

So, whether you are an established brand looking to increase your market share or a new startup trying to develop a successful product, our expert sensory service team can help your business. Contact us today to discuss your sensory profiling needs in more detail.