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Making your product stand out on the shelf is more challenging than ever. With as much as 85% of household shopping derived from repeat purchases, it’s become harder than ever to convince consumers to switch to your food or drink product from their current preferences.

Step in product claims. With scientifically-backed product claims, you can make your product marketing and packaging more appealing and persuasive than current market leaders.

For instance, if you can scientifically claim your product performs or tastes the best, the chances are customers might give it a try.

But how do you produce product claims that matter to consumers?

This quick guide will walk you through the basics of making successful product claims that will make your product shine above the rest.

Identify the Areas or Attributes That Matter

The first step is to identify attributes and aspects of your product category that matter to consumers. For instance, it could be that in the meat pie category, taste and texture are the most important elements influencing purchasing decisions.

In other categories, it could be the packaging or the performance. For instance, deodorant products often need to make performance claims to stand any chance of beating out competitors.

By surveying your target audience with questionnaires and focus groups, you can begin to understand the key areas of concern for your customers.

Test Those Key Aspects On Their Own and Against Competitors

Once you’ve identified the areas in which you need to excel to stand any chance of securing a meaningful market share, you need to begin putting your product through its paces (usually with the help of a specialist research company) to start benchmarking its performance on those key metrics.

It’s crucial to ensure that these tests occur in an objective, scientific setting. Flawed research methods are likely to see your product claims rejected by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) and categorised as unsubstantiated.

Translate the Results Into Effective Product Marketing and Packaging

Once your consumer research company has conducted the research and distilled the results, it’s time to put those positive product claims into action. They should feature heavily in outbound marketing channels, and it might even be a good idea to focus attention on those substantiated claims on the product packaging itself. A dedicated packaging research project may help here.

If consumers are unaware of your superior taste or performance (for example), they are unlikely to switch to your product. By shouting about your claims from the rooftops, you can put your product in the best possible light and increase sales.

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