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When developing food and drink products, taste plays a pivotal role in consumer acceptance. That’s why leading food brands and manufacturers team up with taste testing companies to gather crucial insights into how their products perform within target demographics before investing in production or marketing campaigns.

So what is a taste testing company, and how exactly do they help brands develop marketing-leading products?

What is a Taste Testing Company?

Leading consumer market research companies such as Wirral Sensory Services offer taste tests and sensory research services for businesses across multiple sectors. We employ specific methodologies to gather data around clients’ taste test criteria, which usually pertain to ingestible products such as food and beverages.

We then recruit from our pool of taste testers to secure the demographics requested by the company and have them evaluate the products using the above-mentioned criteria.

Taste testing tends to take place in neutral environments, such as shopping centres, and there are numerous different testing methods available such as monadic, paired comparison, and sequential monadic, to name but a few.

How Does a Taste Testing Company Help Food and Beverage Manufacturers?

Taste testing companies help food brands in several ways. However, the principal reason for partnering with a consumer research firm in this manner is to gain critical insights into the performance of your products.

Whether you want to assess how your new products stack up against the competition, or you need feedback on a potential change to your most popular product’s formulation, with high-quality, in-the-moment feedback from your target audience, you could be heading for a disaster that costs your company millions.

Not only do taste testing companies have a vast pool of taste testers ready to go (so you can move at speed), but they help distil the data gathered into meaningful results that can be used to shape marketing strategies or product innovations.

When Should a Brand Enlist the Help of a Taste Testing Company?

Numerous scenarios would call for the services of a sensory research company. Taste tests are most often devised in the development of new products or the revamping of existing popular product lines.

However, taste tests are also helpful whenever a company wants to conduct market research into consumer likes, dislikes, and competitor products, as they deliver vital insights that can alter the landscape in your specific sector.

Why Choose Wirral Sensory Services for Your Taste Testing Requirements?

No matter the size or scale of your taste testing research project, Wirral Sensory Services has the expertise and facilities needed to conduct your study.

Our enormous pool of taste testers includes a broad spectrum of demographics and allows us to deploy your study quickly and efficiently. Our neutral-venue settings are capable of holding taste tests for dozens of people simultaneously, which is ideal for large brands with multiple products to assess.

We are trusted by leading international brands to handle their most demanding taste testing projects, and we always deliver accurate and dependable results. For further details about our taste testing services, please feel free to call us on +44 (0)151 346 2999 or email us at info@wssintl.com.