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Taste Testing

taste testing

Testing your product before its launch is essential to its success. Consumer testing is a form of comparative testing that measures the properties and performance of your product. 

Researchers collect and deliver crucial insights into many aspects during the testing process, such as your product’s quality, efficacy, and consumer acceptance. The feedback received during consumer testing will allow you to gauge how your product will perform once it is launched. Consumer testing also gives you an opportunity to rectify and improve any shortcomings before your product reaches supermarket and other retail shelves. 

There are several different consumer testing methodologies. The right one for your brand depends on factors such as the nature of your product and your target audience’s demographics. 

So how can consumer testing methodologies from Wirral Sensory Services benefit your product? 

Taste Testing

Taste testing is a research method that allows you to get direct feedback from consumers. The testing usually takes place at central testing locations such as supermarket aisles or shopping centres. 

Taste testing provides objective feedback about your product. During the testing process, researchers engage directly with consumers in a neutral setting. The close engagement with participants allows for the collection of observational data such as facial expressions or their body language. The participants’ subtle cues can be noted by researchers and used to improve the attributes of your product, such as the taste, texture, and even the smell. 

Online Research

As the name suggests, online research is a research methodology that allows researchers to interact with participants virtually. The testing process begins with a screening and registration of participants. Once our researchers have confirmed their eligibility, participants receive a link to their personal email addresses to your online research platform. Each consumer’s feedback is then captured and studied by researchers. 

Online research is a cost-effective methodology that allows for objective and detailed feedback that can be useful for any stage of your product’s development. However, online research requires advanced statistical and software expertise to decipher insights. To prevent the collection of corrupted or inaccurate data, it’s wise to partner with an experienced research company, such as Wirral Sensory Services. 

Packaging Research

Consumers purchase with their eyes. If your product fails to grab and hold their attention, it’s likely to make it into their grocery carts.

Packaging research benefits brands of all sizes. The research provides crucial insight into consumer preferences and the competitiveness of your product. During the testing process, you can present consumers with several mock-ups, fonts, and images. Participants will then provide feedback that can be used to create product packaging that has the “wow” factor and stands out on retail shelves. 

Focus Group Study

Qualitative research, such as focus group studies, can be helpful in the development of new products. The research explores consumer behaviour patterns and allows you to develop a product your consumers will respond to positively. 

Focus groups are generally made up of eight participants who provide structured feedback for two hours. Accredited moderators facilitate the discussions to ensure that your brand receives valuable information about your target market and prospective product. New brands can benefit from qualitative research as it allows for invaluable feedback that can directly contribute to your product’s success.

Children’s Testing

Research methodologies used in adult consumer testing differ significantly from children’s research. For example, at Wirral Sensory Services, we develop specialised questionnaires that are appropriate for younger children. 

Children’s testing is essential for all children’s products. The research is mainly conducted using home use testing, which allows children to interact with your product in its intended environment, for its intended purpose. 

It can be challenging for children’s brands to gain valuable insight from their target audience. Children’s testing, conducted by an experienced research company, such as Wirral Sensory Services, simplifies the research process. Your chosen research company should have an extensive database of families, schools, and playgroups that have agreed to participate in children’s testing. 

Home Use Testing

During home use testing, consumers test your products in their own homes for up to two weeks. The testing has proven to be particularly useful for children’s brands and household products.

The most significant benefit to home use testing is that it allows for highly qualitative consumer feedback. Since consumers are testing your product in their home environments, they engage with your product meaningfully. The feedback participants can then be used to improve your product or provide confirmation that your product is ready to be launched onto the market. 

Brand Testing 

Launching a new product as an independent brand can be difficult. Over the years, consumers have grown accustomed to big brands and often gravitate toward them without hesitation. 

Brand testing gives you the tools to compete with big brands. When conducted by an experienced research company, brand testing will allow you to compare apples with apples. Researchers compare your brand’s attributes, characteristics, and overall performance with that of your competitors during the brand testing process. The feedback received can then help you identify shortcomings in your product design or formulation that need to be improved. 

How Can Your Brand Benefit from WSS Consumer Research?

Over the last 20 years, Wirral Sensory Services research has helped leading UK brands to develop gold-standard products. Our research is tailored to meet your product’s unique requirements, allowing for objective data that can be used to create high-quality products and increase sales. 

Our research team consists of MRS-accredited moderators, experienced statisticians, and professional sensory panellists. When we partner with our clients, we aim to provide industry-leading insight that elevates products to market-leading positions. 

Whether you’re a startup trying to find a gap in the market, or an experienced brand trying to maintain your product’s competitiveness, we can help. Our experienced team can help you choose the most suitable consumer research methodology to achieve your product objectives. 

Get in touch with our experts now to discuss your brand’s product research goals.