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While sales might be indicative of your product’s performance, how can you really tell if your product is meeting customer expectations and delivering on its promises? Product testing is one of the best ways to dig much deeper into your performance and gain valuable feedback to help you assess and improve your product.

With that in mind, let’s run through five quick reasons why your brand should commit to ongoing product testing.

1. Identify Product Defects Early

Product defects can be costly, not just in terms of the cost of replacing and/or recalling the offending product line(s), but also in terms of damage to your brand’s reputation.

Product testing can help you identify and rectify issues early on before reaching customers on a larger scale, saving you time, money, and post-launch headaches down the road.

2. Improve Product Quality

In addition to identifying defects, product testing can also help you improve your product’s overall quality and performance. For instance, extensive taste testing can uncover a better combination of flavours or ingredients, while product benchmarking can reveal what consumers like about your competitor’s offerings.

You can then use the information obtained via product testing to improve your product and increase your market share.

3. Verify Product Claims

Customers are bombarded with marketing claims from brands vying for their attention in today’s market. Product testing using methods such as efficacy testing can help you verify the claims you make about your product so that customers can be confident they’re getting what they expect when they make a purchase.

This is especially important in industries such as cosmetics and skincare, where customers are often willing to pay a premium for products that live up to their claims.

4. Increase Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

It’s no secret that happy customers are more likely to buy from you again and recommend your products to others. Testing your products with consumers can help ensure that your product meets customer expectations. By making changes suggested during product testing, you can enhance customer satisfaction and, therefore, loyalty.

It could be that you uncover a seemingly insignificant aspect that hampers the way your target consumers are viewing your product. Whatever the issue may be, without subjecting your products to consumer testing in closely-controlled environments, it’s challenging to obtain objective data regarding these subjective consumer opinions.

5. Develop a Winning Formula for Future Product Releases

After a successful round of product testing, you can gain valuable insights and develop a framework for developing successful future products. Having this structure already in place will give you a distinct advantage over the competition and ensure that each new product release is better than the last.

From basic consumer surveys providing insightful feedback about your target market’s needs to more detailed product optimisation studies, product testing helps you develop guidelines for a successful product launch or revamp.

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