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What Is Central Location Testing?

Central location testing (CLT) is a vital piece of the puzzle for brands looking to gain consumer insights into their products. CLT is a qualitative market research approach in which research takes place in a specific, controlled environment such as a testing lab, restaurant, shopping center, department store or other suitable locations where the brand wants to have a presence.

Central location testing provide brands with the opportunity to gain critical customer feedback without many of the biases that can decrease the reliability of the findings and allow research teams to collect all-important non-verbal feedback.

The Challenges Of Central Location Testing & How To Overcome Them

When conducting a central location test it should be adequately planned, expertly designed and directed by trained staff. Below we will outline some of the challenges of central location testing and how you can overcome them.

Biased Responses

Occasionally, participants may give biased responses to interviewers. These favourable psychological responses may be because of something simple such as the participant taking a liking to the interviewer. In this situation, they might give answers that may be different from what they really believe. For this reason, it is important to train your interviewers to a high standard.

Interviewer Misconduct

Interviewer cheating is another challenge of central location testing. On occasions, interviewers can intentionally provoke biases or push participants towards specific answers. To avoid this scenario you should always work with a trusted consumer research company, with reliable staff, such as Wirral Sensory Services.

Participant Recruitment

In some instances it may be hard to recruit enough participants. For example, if you are running a central location test in a supermarket or shopping centre, you can face problems if there are fewer shoppers than expected. To prevent this it is best to organise tests and recruit participants beforehand.

central location testing

Wirral Sensory Services can conduct the market research fieldwork you need for all your central location tests (CLTs). We interview and recruit participants that you need for your market research project, deliver the products for testng, complete the follow up survey, and give you the results. Our market research is completely confidential and is conducted so that it is enjoyable for respondents, provides clear results and offers you accurate insight into what consumers are really thinking.

Your Dependable Partner For All Your Central Location Testing Needs

To enjoy the benefits of central location testing, you must choose the correct research method. At Wirral Sensory Services, we have helped leading UK brands to choose and conduct the most suitable research methodology for their brands.

Our team of trained researchers have more than 20 years of experience in conducting research within the food, beverage, and household products industry. The feedback our researchers provide is accurate, unbiased, and allows many of the UK’s leading brands to create products that consumers love.

Whether you are a new brand entering the market or an existing brand trying to expand your market share, the experienced researchers at Wirral Sensory Services can help your product succeed. Contact us today to learn more about how our research methodologies can help you create an industry-leading product.