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Food tasting research is essential for your product’s success. Every year over 300,000 businesses fail in the UK. However, some brands still choose to rush onto supermarket shelves without conducting appropriate food tasting research. Often, their products do not make their way into consumer’s shopping trolleys. Without prior research, they may never find out why.

Thus, before launching your product (or a revamped version of an existing one), you should carry out thorough research to ensure that it meets and surpasses consumer expectations.

So into which type of food tasting research should you invest your precious time and resources? Below we provide a guide to food tasting research to help you choose the right one for your brand.

Why is Food Tasting Research So Important?

Food tasting research gives brands insight into the sensory characteristics of their product as well as how consumers react and respond to those characteristics.

There are many food tasting research methodologies. The right methodology for your product depends on factors such as the nature of your product, your research objectives, and your target market. An expert food research company, such as Wirral Sensory Services, can help you choose the right methodology for your product.

Product research is important for all industries, however it’s especially the food industry. Food tasting research can directly impact your commercial success. High-quality food tasting research, paired with expert product optimisation, can help your brand stand out on supermarket shelves and within other prominent retail locations. In turn, the increase in consumer awareness and brand loyalty lead to increases in revenue.

Taste Testing: Securing Vital Customer Feedback 

It’s no secret that consumers avoid bad tasting products. In a recent study, 82% of participants said that taste was an extremely important factor for their food choice.

Taste testing is a form of product acceptance research that gives you objective insight into your target audience’s preferences. The research can be conducted on location using central location testing, online, or within a residential setting using home-use testing. The versatility in methodologies means that you can still test your product before launching safely, despite the ongoing social restrictions caused by the pandemic.

The data obtained through taste testing research will indicate the demand for your product and demonstrate that it is competitive enough to thrive in the market. Startups can use the data gathered from taste testing to secure shelf space in busy UK supermarkets. Existing brands, on the other hand, can use the data to improve their products to increase their market share.

Sensory Profiling: Gaining Insights from the Professionals 

Sensory profiling measures and compares the attributes of your product to create a unique profile that can be used to develop great-tasting products or improve your existing options.

Unlike taste testing, sensory profiling focuses on the scientific, sensory nature of your product. During the sensory research process, trained panellists with above-average sensory acuity will assess your product. The panellists can quantify the most intricate smells and tastes to create an accurate sensory profile for your brand.

New or existing brands can use the insight gained from sensory professionals. New brands can use sensory profiling to compare their product ideas with their competitor’s existing products. New brands can use sensory profiling to gain a competitive edge and to stay ahead of changing consumer taste trends within their sector.

Why Choose WSS International for Your Food Tasting Research?

At Wirral Sensory Services, we understand the crucial role that research plays in your product development journey. We have been conducting industry-leading product research for over 20 years.

Whether you’re a new or an existing brand, we can help. Our product optimisation processes have helped brands enter the market and increase their market share. Our team of experienced researchers are qualified to conduct a wide range of food testing research, including taste testing and sensory profiling, to name but a few.

Contact us today, and one of our experienced team members can help you choose the most suitable methodology for your product.