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Home use testing is an established market research tool, enabling companies to gather valuable insights into consumer behaviour and preferences in real-life situations.

However, companies need to follow best practices to ensure that their testing produces reliable results and accurate insights.

With that in mind, here is a list of top tips for running successful home use tests.

1. Define Clear Objectives

Identify the specific questions you aim to answer through home use testing, such as product usability, consumer needs, and purchase likelihood. Clearly communicate these objectives with your testing team to ensure everyone is aligned.

By establishing well-defined goals, you can focus your testing efforts and increase the likelihood of obtaining actionable insights.

2. Select a Representative Demographic

When setting up your home use tests, it’s vital to choose participants who are likely to use the product and accurately represent your target market in terms of age, gender, income, and other relevant factors.

This ensures that your home use testing results accurately reflect your target audience’s preferences and requirements, increasing the chances of developing a successful product come launch.

3. Design Realistic Tests

Create test plans outlining tasks for participants and questions they’ll answer. Ensure the test mimics real-life usage scenarios to obtain accurate results.

Designing realistic tests allows you to identify potential issues and areas for improvement that may not surface during lab testing or controlled environments. The whole point of home use testing is to identify potential issues before launch, so the more real-world scenarios you can test, the better.

4. Train Testers Effectively

Provide clear instructions, answer questions, and consider using training videos or demonstrations for consistency in the testing process.

By investing this time into your testers, you help ensure that tests are completed correctly, gain much more valuable feedback, and ensure the reliability and accuracy of results.

home use product testing

5. Monitor Performance

Regularly check in with testers to confirm they’re using the product as instructed and providing accurate feedback.

Consider remote monitoring tools for real-time tracking of product usage and performance. Monitoring performance ensures data quality and helps you address any issues that may arise during testing.

6. Collect and Analyse Data

Use a mix of qualitative and quantitative data collection methods, such as surveys, interviews, and product usage data.

Utilise data analysis tools to identify patterns and trends. Gathering diverse data helps you gain a comprehensive understanding of your product’s performance and uncover insights that may inform future product development or marketing strategies.

7. Interpret Results into Actionable Insights

Contextualise data within research objectives, draw conclusions, and consider any limitations or biases before communicating results to stakeholders in a clear, concise manner using plain language.

Reporting these actionable insights will help inform decision-making processes and guide the next steps in product development or improvement.

Conduct Meaningful and Insightful Home Use Tests with WSS Today

By following these tips, you can optimise your home use testing process and gain valuable insights into your product’s performance in real-life situations.

As a company busy with creating, developing and launching new products, home use testing can distract from your core business activities. So, rather than setting up and managing a home use testing program in-house, consider partnering with an experienced consumer research firm like Wirral Sensory Services.

We already have a vast pool of home use testers who understand the process and are passionate about trying and evaluating new products. Combine that with our industry-leading researchers trusted by some of the world’s leading consumer brands, and you have the perfect combination for a successful home use test study.

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